About BioStrength

A non-pharmaceutical alternative to helping people live better lives without the obstacles resulting from low bone density, loss of strength, poor posture and balance.

About BioStrength

Dedicated to Helping

At BioStrength we are dedicated to helping people live better lives without the obstacles resulting from low bone density, loss of strength, poor posture and balance. We are a drug-free alternative (BioStrength Rejuvenation Process) for those suffering from or concerned with low bone density.

Athletes also use BioStrength. Not only does it take less time, allowing them to focus on their other training, it also helps reduce their risk of injury. With a low amount of exercise needed, they can get into shape and increase their strength a lot quicker!

Built on Science and Technology

We are the first and only skeletal health center in Southwest Missouri. The BioStrength Rejuvenation Process is built on science and technology that is safe, proven, and established. It is the only program available that will reverse the aging of your structure by strengthening the entire musculoskeletal system. Used just once a week, BioStrength will strengthen your muscles, bones, and spine!

All of our clients receive personalized attention, immediate feedback and achieve tangible results, allowing them to feel younger, be healthier, and improve their quality of life.


As a researcher in the area of exercise and health, I have been impressed with the benefits of bioDensity and the physiological changes associated with using it on a weekly basis. In particular, I have seen important improvements in strength and activities of daily living in persons ranging in age from 18 to 93 years. The technology is sound it is safe to use and well worth the small amount of time involved in using it.
– Jim Skinner

Using optimal bio mechanics and loading bones through compression, osteogenic loading response (bone growth) is stimulated and ultimately improves. My patients are in control during the entire session and are never forced to strain – it is at their pace, and comfort level. I have seen my patients improve bone density over 8% in one year, which is a gain that is unparalleled with any other modality used in clinical practice today.
– Kevin Hall, MD, FAARFM
General Surgery

The challenge in medicine is to put scientific principals in to actual real life practice. We know that controlled physical stress to bone results in bone rebuilding itself in a stronger form. Physicians tell people with osteoporosis to “do weight bearing exercise”, but what does that mean? What activity? For how long? At what intensity? bioDensity helps to answer those questions by providing specific exercises that transmit force to your bone in a safe and measurable way.
– Dr. Ron Mochizuki

In my practice, we use bioDensity as a part of an all encompassing wellness program that includes dietary recommendations and other modalities. Patients see the documented benefits of osteogenic loading on their bioDensity performance reports which enhances compliance. Patients enjoy coming back every week for the osteogenic loading experience, which is fast, safe, and convenient, but most of all they know they are improving their bone health, and general health without the concerns of pharmacological side effects. The psychology of using bioDensity is profound because the patient really sees how they can be put in control of a large aspect of their health, which will provide benefit for the rest of their lives.
– Warren Ross, MD
Double board certified, Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine

The real-world musculoskeletal benefits of the bioDensity device and osteogenic loading on strength, coordination, balance and subsequently confidence are nothing short of astonishing. The drug-free, osteogenic loading bone density benefits are unique to the bioDensity device. As a surgeon, I foresee the bioDensity device improving my patients quality of life drastically. I studied medicine because I wanted to help people, and bioDensity has shown me how I can safely and cost effectively grow my practice and touch the lives of many more than I thought possible.
– Jeffrey Bentson, MD
Orthopedic Surgery

I was fortunate enough to be one of the initial 400 test subjects for Osteogenic Loading via the bioDensity Device. As a Physician I realized that the vast majority of the population should be using this technology to access the human bodys own natural process for creating bone mass, and building tremendous levels of muscular strength. I have always been involved with fitness, and have been an advocate of the curative nature of exercise, but no modality I have come across has the potential to change the lives of so many millions of people like this one. In my own personal use I saw a force production increase from my neuro-musculoskeletal system of 119% in thirty-two months. Others that I observed in the program had similar responses, along with improved bone mass density and posture.
– Steve Shifflett, MD
Orthopedic Surgery