Balance Your Body

Aging is associated with a progressive decline in overall muscle strength. At BioStrength, we work on turning that process around.

Balance Your Body

strength and balance

It’s a fact of life, as we venture into our 30’s, we start to lose muscle strength. Because of this, our bodies natural balance decreases. As early as the first session at BioStrength, you will notice instant improvement on both muscle strength and balance.

Cellular Effects
on Muscle

muscle becomes stronger

Because bone is a living tissue, it changes in response to the forces placed upon it. That’s where bioDensity comes in. BioDensity optimizes your ability to create osteogenic loading, which results in increased harder bone mass density, stronger muscles (myofibril hypertrophy) and greater neuromuscular recruitment. In the same way that a muscle becomes stronger by overloading the muscle, a bone can also increase it’s density with bioDensity’s unique osteogenic loading system which helps people of all ages reach this limit without causing pain, muscle soreness, or fatigue. Forces generated during osteogenic loading trigger the bodies own natural ability to increase its bone density and muscular strength.